2 comments on “Dean Smith: An Appreciation

  1. Hey Eric, I really this enjoyed this post, especially your personal memories.  By any chance do you still have that highly detailed UNC Tar Heel logo?  Over the years I enjoyed your “doodling” as you called it.  Some of those band logos were especially impressive.  I think that’s when the obnoxious t-shirt came into my vocabulary.  You really demonstrated talent as an artist.  I wish I had encouraged you to pursue it more.  It’s not too late, you know! I’m excited for you, David, and Traci on your experiences together in Richmond this weekend.  Wish I could be with you.  I’ll certainly be there in spirit.  Much love!

    • Unfortunately, that particular picture is 26 years old if it’s a day, and I’m 99% sure it didn’t survive the move to Mom’s farm. I remember I had it on the outside of my bedroom door for at least a year, though. I think the fact that its “obnoxiousness” was comparatively slight made it more memorable to me, in retrospect.

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